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What is MineZone.Live?

MineZone.Live is a Minecraft Server List website created by me,ย  Brannon Walker. I decided to create this site because all the other ones I browsed looked very outdated, and I wanted to create something fresh and modern.

So I’ve packed MineZone full of features to player with, to ensure everyone can find a server worth playing on! It’s always difficult to find a quality server, so I’ve made sure to provide tons of filters gamemodes and a user-friendly design, to really help you pick the perfect server.

Who Runs MineZone?

MineZone is run by me, Brannon Walker (right)! I mostly own and operate this site all by myself, with occasional help from my father, who owns a web marketing company.

I have always been involved within the Minecraft community, and I am most active on Spigot and Reddit (r/admincraft).

I have been playing Minecraft for over 12 years now, since Beta 1.7. In this time I have created countless maps, some you can still find on Minecraft Maps. As well as this, I have owned many servers in my time, as well as admined on countless others (CreeperTown, LichCraft).

Around 2 years ago, I got into web design and SEO work, creating websites for people (full-stack developer). In February 2023, I begun work on this website, with traffic increasing daily!

Who Adds Servers To MineZone.Live?

Most servers on the website have been added by the server owner's themselves. We verify each server to ensure they are up to our quality standards. And I personally fill in any missing information. If the server is not up to our standards, we will delete or modify them. For this reason, we do not allow any Minehut or Aternos servers on our site!

Who Do I Contact If I Have A Problem/Suggestion?

You can reach me via multiple avenues:

Contact Us

Feel free to contact me regarding anything! I'm always availible to chat, and look to solve any qualms you may have! I'll try to respond to all messages within 24 hours!